Diversity Best Practices, a division of Working Mother Media, is the preeminent organization for diversity thought leaders to share best practices and develop innovative solutions for culture change. Through research, benchmarking, publications and events, Diversity Best Practices offers members information and strategies on how to implement, grow, measure and create first-in-class diversity programs.

Diversity Best Practices offers:

  • Timely resource materials that provide useful data and content to build knowledge
  • Tools to implement diversity programs that meet the unique needs of a company
  • Insight on the best practices and strategies employed by companies that have created highly successful internal diversity strategies and innovative solutions
  • Access to diverse human and informational resources that help companies execute their diversity initiatives.

Annually, we accomplish this by offering Diversity Best Practices members access to quarterly best practice sessions, issue-focused Web seminars, networking and educational events and insightful publications and research.


WEN's Mission is to be the premier global organization that educates, attracts, retains, and develops professional women working across the value chain. WEN offers growth opportunities to its members through participation on its Board of Directors and special programs. WEN is based on the model of the premier women's leadership development program, Leadership Texas, which focuses on networking, education, and community.

WEN currently has 3,500 members in chapters in Appalachia, Greater Atlanta, Houston, North Texas, South Texas, Washington DC, South Louisiana, Chicago, Permian Basin and Greater Oklahoma areas to satisfy your networking and career development needs.Women's Energy Network is 3,500 women strong. Founded in 1994, the Women's Energy Network of Houston (WEN) is a 501(c)(6) organization that brings together professional women of achievement in the energy industry and fosters their advancement by creating a network of energy contacts.