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After raising funding from corporate sponsors to underwrite our research, The Everest Project is seeking a modest amount of funding to broadly distribute research findings through both traditional and social media. 

The Everest Project study "The Challenges and Facilitators of Women Leading Change and Innovation" offers a blueprint for success for women leaders in today's dynamic business environment. Our research is rich with examples and lessons learned - women taking risks and moving beyond bias to transform their organizations.

The findings, to be announced on February 24, 2016, will help advance women in the workplace and benefit organizations seeking to more effectively tap female executive talent. Emerging leaders will be able to write new best practices and power their personal career development strategies.

The Everest Project was recently endorsed for its charitable purpose in service of the public good and awarded 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. We are able to provide you with a letter certifying your contributions.

Please support The Everest Project and send your year-end check to: The Everest Project, LLC, 373 Park Avenue South, 6th Fl, NY, NY 10016.



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