SERVICES Based on the everest project research

Focus Groups

Gain focus group insights. Everest Focus Groups are designed to elicit candid conversation and collect scholarly data on topics developed from our research. Focus group participation is an opportunity to share best practices and learn from colleagues and Everest researchers.

Participating companies will receive a report with company specific insights supported by focus group findings in four research areas:

  • Leading Change
  • Leadership Traits
  • Intersectionality (the impact of race/gender/sexual orientation/culture on how women lead)
  • Leading Innovation

Quotes from previous focus groups:

“The fact that the company is investing in this is an example of how things are changing.” 

“We are having open and honest conversations that have not been on the table before.”

“I believe the women in this room will transform this company.”


Co-founders are available for speaking engagements to present findings and actionable recommendations effective October 2015. Reserve your dates now!  Contact us for more information.